General English Course

General English Course

This course is designed for intermediate students who want to improve their English to a more advanced level, or for advanced students who want to maintain their level. The time in the class will be dedicated to speaking and learning new vocabulary.

Every class has a different topic of conversation and the focus in the class is to improve fluency while speaking. Topics range from familiar subjects like family, travel and health, to more specific subjects like current affairs, environmental concerns and technology. Many of my students also choose to combine this course with my Business English course so they can practise talking about business subjects as well.

Each class follows a similar format. Before the class, you will be sent an article related to the theme of the class to read and give your opinion on at the start of the lesson. You’ll also be sent the lesson plan that includes a video listening activity which you can complete at home to save time in the class for the conversation activities.

The class begins with a general discussion about the class topic before learning some lesser known vocabulary for that topic. You will then use this vocabulary in a speaking activity to test your comprehension. The class finishes with a more in-depth conversation activity about the theme of the class.

While fluency and confidence are obviously very important, so too is your accuracy when speaking. This means your level of grammar. Through the class I will correct any mistakes you make and each class contains a writing activity that you will do for homework (therefore saving your valuable time in the class to concentrate on speaking and learning vocabulary). From this writing activity, you will receive my feedback and any grammatical corrections will be explained to help you improve your accuracy, which in turn will help your speaking.

The classes can be fully tailored to your needs. For those who may be at a lower level, we can take some time in the classes to look at some of the necessary grammar that needs to be improved. For those with a higher level of English, we will spend all the time in the class speaking and working on improving your fluency.

This course is also ideal for those who want to improve their English level to prepare for an international exam like the IELTS. In addition to improving your speaking, the vocabulary learned in these classes will help boost your vocabulary score and the writing activities have been designed to allow you to practise writing the academic-style essays you will need to write in these exams.

To get a better idea of the structure of the classes, and to see some of the topics of conversation, you can have a look at my General English lesson plans that I’ve designed for English teachers.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.