Business English Course


My Business English course helps business professionals and executives to improve their level of English in a business context.

The course provides the best value for money for students by using the classroom time to help students improve their fluency and vocabulary when speaking, and by using the students’ own time to boost other skills such as reading and writing.

By contracting the me directly, you will save money compared to what you would spend on a course with a language institute or academy.

Classes can be private or for groups of up to three students.

The course will begin with a free session so you can get to know your tutor, and so your tutor can explain the course and assess your level of English.

Course objectives

During the course, you will:

  • improve your fluency and confidence by speaking in every lesson about important business issues.
  • improve your business writing style with writing tasks assigned after each lesson.
  • improve your listening with business videos and business conversations.
  • improve your knowledge of business terminology with vocabulary provided for each topic.
  • improve your grammar with the help of my corrections and explanations.

Course description

Every lesson focuses improving your fluency and confidence by giving you the opportunity to speak about a wide variety of important topics and issues in business. Out of the classroom, you will have the opportunity to practice your reading, listening, and writing skills in a business context.

Each class starts with a general discussion about the business theme of the class. This is followed by useful vocabulary for the topic and activities to help learn these new words and phrases. Next is a discussion about the theme of the video you watched before the class and finally, there is a more in-depth conversation about the class theme. For homework, you will be assigned a business writing task (emails, formal letters, memos, etc.). Before the next class, you will read an article related to that business theme, ready to give your opinion about it at the start of the next class.

Throughout the classes as you speak, I will evaluate your grammar and explain any errors you make. Likewise, I will provide feedback, including grammatical explanations, based on the writing task. This will help you avoid mistakes in the future and further help you to improve your language level.

How long to improve your English level?

As this is an English course for special purposes, it has been designed for students who already have a B1+ level of English according to the CEFR. The objective is to help students advance from B1 to B2, from B2 to C1, or for students who have a C1 level, to maintain this level or advance to C2.

What do these levels mean? Very simply, B1 is low-intermediate, B2 is mid/high-intermediate, and C1 is advanced. For most jobs with an English requirement, you would be expected to have a minimum of B2 or, ideally, a C1 level. For speaking, B1 means you feel comfortable speaking about everyday topics such as your family, interests, and travel. Those with a B2 level are confident speaking about a wider variety of topics. At C1 level, you will be able to give your opinion confidently and spontaneously on a wide range of topics, some of which you may never have considered before. Of course, the number of grammatical mistakes made when speaking reduces as you progress through each level as well.

According to Cambridge English, it can take approximately 200 hours of classroom teaching to advance from one level to the next. However, this is distributed across all language skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. In this course, students will practice writing, reading, and listening at home. After all, why would you pay a teacher while you did this?

In the class, the focus is on fluency when speaking, interaction during a conversation (listening and speaking), and boosting vocabulary. There are a total of 72 class topics, divided into three parts (see the course curriculum below). For a single student, classes of 90 minutes are recommended, giving a total course duration of 108 classroom hours (for groups, classes of 120 minutes are recommended). Assuming the homework is completed, this should give students enough time to advance their English level.

While there are probably thousands of Business English courses to choose from, the vast majority only concentrate on specific skills like writing styles or giving presentations. They are usually very short, maybe only 20 hours long, and they therefore do not, and cannot, focus on building fluency when speaking, which is, in my experience, the number one objective of students. While this course will certainly provide you with these specific skills (and many more besides), it will also provide you with the necessary time to really advance your English level which in turn will help you advance in your career.

Course Syllabus

For more information, please feel free to contact me.